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Limited Membership Info Request

Dear AFT-ACC Members

We presently have a small number of members who when they joined caucus gave us simply their email address. We do at least also need your name and AFT Local. For both our internal records and to keep in compliance with AFT, I am sending out the email shown below the sign out. I am posting here, so that folks will see the request is legitimate.

In solidarity,

Geoff Johnson, AFT-ACC President

This is Geoff Johnson, AFT Adjunct-Contingent Caucus President.

Dear AFT-ACC Member

I'm writing to you because while we have you as a member, the only info we have regarding you at this point is your email address. Because we like to know our members, and because we need to show AFT Higher Ed that our members are real people, I'm asking if you could reply by giving us the following:

1. Full Name

2. Position (Ex. Adjunct, Full-time Faculty Member, Retiree, Graduate Student)

3. AFT Local You're affiliated with

4. Mailing Address

Optional: Phone Number

We use this information only for internal caucus membership records and for AFTHE verification purposes. We do not share it with anyone else.

If you have any further questions, you can contact me directly at

Looking forward to your reply, and in solidarity.

Geoff Johnson

President AFT Adjunct-Contingent Caucus

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