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AFT-ACC National Campus Equity Social Media Campaign

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Please take a moment October 24-28 to post on your social media (Twitter / Instagram / Facebook) for Campus Equity Week.

This is a quick and simple campaign. It takes 5-10 minutes.

Do it between grading papers, or between classes, or campuses (but sure to pull over on the side of the road so you don’t get in a crash)


Step 1: Take or use a picture which speaks to your situation as an adjunct/contingent faculty member

Step 2: Add a one to two sentence message Post your photo along with a message (samples below), making sure to use the hashtag #CampusEquityWeek

Step 3: Encourage your fellow faculty to post as well!

Some Examples:

An an adjunct, my district gives me 75$ a semester for healthcare, so I guess I’m covered. #CampusEquityWeek #FacultyHealtcareNow

Adjuncts deserve desks, not dashboards. #CampusEquityWeek

In an 2021 AFT survey, 37% of adjunct/contingent faculty, many who do not have social security benefits, stated they had no idea how they would manage retirement. #CampusEquityWeek

In its 2022 survey of Adjunct/Contingent Faculty, AFT reported 22% of these faculty suffered problems with food insecurity. These same faculty are often prohibited from going to food pantries at their own colleges. #CampusEquityWeek

A few words and one strong image go a long way . . .

Geoff Johnson

AFT-ACC President

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