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Jeffery Baker

AFT 2842

Candidate for Member-at-large for Two-Year Institutions

Candidate Statement

I am Jeffrey Baker, candidate for Member-at-Large for Two Year Institutions. For 19 years, I have been an adjunct faculty member at Monroe Community College (MCC) in Rochester, NY and a member of our AFT affiliated Faculty Association. I have taught at other community colleges and several universities.


At MCC, I served as Adjunct Director on the Faculty Council (union governing body) for six years and have just been elected for another two-year term. In that capacity, I have attended the annual NYSUT statewide community college conference where Information and methods are shared between respective unions, and have conducted local workshops on promotion, benefits, and unemployment insurance for adjunct faculty. I have also been active in AAUP, completing its leadership training and Summer Institute on organizing and bargaining, lobbying in Washington, and serving as Delegate-at-Large, Vice President and President of the New York State Conference. In addition, I presented several times on adjunct faculty issues at the AAUP annual meeting in Washington as well as at COCAL XII in Edmonton, AB.


Aside from the perpetual and universal issues of being underpaid and underappreciated, adjunct faculty at public two-year institutions are also facing increasing underfunding by states and local sponsors. This has been made much worse by the COVID19 crisis. The scarcity of funds makes it increasingly difficult to gain equity. But there is hope in the political arena because politicians do not want to appear anti-education. We can work together to resolve these issues.


I would appreciate your vote.

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