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Leonard Winogora

AFT 2222

Candidate for Treasurer

Candidate Statement

I have been an AFT member since 2010, although I was also an AAUP member before that. I have been both a chapter vice president and president for 11 years, a state vice president for 4 years, and a state and national delegate for 10 years. I was first elected AFT ACC Treasurer in 2016 and have served three terms.


So why am I seeking reelection? The answer is simple.  Our members still need to build a functioning organization that can effectively represent an approximate 70% of the teaching faculty in America. 

It was my biggest disappointment when the Executive Board decided to eliminate the member fee but not address how we would replace the revenue that supports AFT ACC functions. It was a short sighted decision that now hampers our ability to fund any action to support our members. My thought was to resign but several Board members persuaded me to stay on.

I intend to make the case that we have to invest in our representative organization if it is going to become an effective voice in the AFT. We must recognize that some form of fee structure is essential to support actions that will make us the voice of the adjunct and contingent faculty. While I will not commit to a specific plan, it is my intention to make this argument that we must devise a formula for financial support. This is my platform and it will be my primary goal for the 2022-2024 term of office.

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