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Our History

The AFT Adjunct/Contingent Faculty Caucus was born at the Higher Ed Conference in Baltimore in 2013. A group of adjunct faculty from New Jersey, Michigan, California and New York got together and realized that we had similar issues and needed help in resolving them. Bill Lipkin, who had been advocating for this type of a caucus for a few years, took the lead and began pursuing the possibilities with AFT after the Conference ended.

A committee of adjunct faculty continued to email each other and communicate via teleconference over the next few months. The necessary forms were filled out and the election of ‘acting’ officers was held via email with those who had shown interest in Baltimore. AFT provided a template By-Law document, which a committee of members revised, and all documents were sent to AFT. After due consideration approval was granted from AFT and the Caucus was officially created. Our first membership meeting was held in July, 2014 in Los Angeles, at the AFT Convention.


The caucus is an Issues Caucus, not a Political Caucus. As such we can expect co-operation and assistance from the Higher Ed Division of AFT and its director. We are treated the same as any other member or group within AFT and cannot be given special treatment or consideration

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