Geoff Johnson

AFT 1931

Candidate for President

Candidate Statement

My desire to serve again as AFT-ACC President is to work more towards a vision I laid out in 2018 on the blog “The Adjunct Crisis.”

Part of this work led to AFTACC’s involvement in the first nationwide survey of Adjunct/Contingent faculty since 2013, which was followed up by the present Contingent Faculty Survey. I also liaised with AFT national and CFT to make it possible for a California adjunct working in one school to gain access to student loan forgiveness, with the hope of eventually getting this legislation passed nationwide. For AFT-ACC, I have created and designed a new website, a directory of AFT-affiliated locals representing adjunct-continent faculty (which AFT lacks), and co-drafted statements on COVID 19 and adjunct/contingent unemployment.

Representing adjuncts on the CFT Part-time Committee, the Community College Council, and CFT Legislative Committee, I am presently working to raise the adjunct teaching cap, and since 2014, have coordinated annual letter campaigns to increase funding for adjunct office hours, more full-time positions, and pay parity. As a local rep, I successfully advocated to improve rehire rights, secure paid maternity leave for female adjuncts, pay for service on academic senate, the right for adjuncts to vote in departmental elections, and adjunct access to sabbatical leave.

Now with COVID19, the first need is to secure unemployment benefits for contingent faculty nationwide, and get benefits extended. But beyond this immediate need, we must address job security, pay parity, access to health insurance, just to start. We are at the brink.