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Candidate Statement

Susan Di Raimo

AFT 2334

Candidate for Communications Officer

I am Susan Di Raimo, and here are my qualifications:

  • Former Executive Council for the Professional Staff Congress (15 years)

  • Currently Executive Committee member of the PSC Chapter at City College of New York

  • I was Vice President for Part Timers for 3 years

  • I am currently teaching as an Adjunct at City College of New York and Lehman College

  • I am of Puerto Rican, Cuban and Italian heritage

  • Currently a delegate from City College

  • Served on the Adjunct Board for the AFT

  • Trustee on The Belle Zeller Scholarship Fund

  • Board Member of Eastern School for Acupuncture

  • Nurse Practitioner

  • English Lecturer

  • Volunteer Director of the Northwest Bronx Support Committee for the Homeless

During my time on the Executive Council of the PSC we achieved paid office hours and 3-year contracts for adjuncts with 3 weeks accumulated sick leave. Adjuncts achieved dental and vision benefits besides having health care as an individual. We are working to get adjuncts paid during the summer, and I am still working to end the two-tier system.​

Thank you!

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