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David Albert

AFT 6249

Candidate for Central States

Candidate Statement

I am running for this specific position to bring us a little bit of geographic diversity. The position of adjunct faculty in right to work states is simply abysmal. We lack collective bargaining and are considered at-will employees. Our pay is dreadful, and many of our adjunct faculty members have no access to health insurance. We have adjunct faculty members who rely on Food Stamps to survive. We have no real job security and lack any opportunities for a long-term path to full-time employment. These are all issues that our caucus and our union need to be working on.


I have been a member of my local for more than a decade and have served as our COPE Chair for many years. Until recently, I also served as our Vice-President for Adjunct Faculty. I have led efforts to elect 3 pro-Labor Trustees to our 9-member Board of Trustees. I am also a delegate to Austin Central Labor Council and a Democratic Precinct Chair. In a previous life, I was one of the co-founders and national leaders of Brit Tzedek v’ Shalom, a national grassroots organization that sought to mobilize the American Jewish community in support of a two-state to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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