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Bala Subramanian


Candidate for President

Candidate Statement

My name is Bala Subramanian and here are my reasons for seeking this position:

Adjunct-contingent faculty are unique in many ways and may not fit well in the conventional bargaining unit model and hence need a fresh approach to serve their needs.
My reason for seeking this opportunity is to implement this insight.

My strengths are my honesty, integrity and confidence in developing this insight to benefit both the contingency roles and their employers to thrive in the fast changing eco-system of student needs and successes.

I have been a full-time associate professor as well as an adjunct faculty concurrently for five years out of some 22 years as an adjunct. Over those years I have worked at both small and large degree granting institutions and served in several elected positions such as the treasurer of a local and as 1st VP of that local.

The issues that are most important might be how best to adapt to the changing needs of the societies, individuals, economic factors while providing satisfaction, growth and balanced lives to ensure mental, emotional and spiritual well being to members. Financial self-sufficiency ought to be a measure of these outcomes. With the help of hyper-intelligence tools and technologies these goals for all individuals and members of the caucus can be realized so that real-time problem addressing becomes practical. Policies and principles by themselves do not deliver and hence the need for practice methods.

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